2019 Marketing Trends Guaranteed to Shake Up Social Media

By Haley Czarnowski | Mar 4, 2019 7:00:00 AM | Strategy and Trends | 0 Comments

When Business 2 Community  asked hundreds of marketers about social trends for 2019, they received the same six themes over and over:


1. Micro-influencers

2. Regaining consumer trust on social

3. Raising social capital with community

4. Video, video, video!

5. Going local

6. Real-time communication


Don't be too quick to write these trends off as B2C only — they apply just as much to B2B marketers. After all, targets use their social media channels for both personal and professional use, and you should curate content that captivates them.


Read the source article at Business 2 Community.

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