Report Finds Marketers Still Lack Necessary Media Skills

By Haley Czarnowski | May 6, 2019 8:01:00 AM | Strategy and Trends | 0 Comments

Media and advertising consultant ID Comms surveyed 150 marketing, media and agency executives. The study revealed that 71% of respondents rated levels of investment in media training unsatisfactory or entirely unsatisfactory. This isn't surprising, as a similar study conducted in 2016 produced similar results.

While lack of time and budget are valid excuses for the lack of media training, companies still need to prioritize proper training. Without it, advertisers are not able to follow media best practices, leading to subpar results in many cases. In fact, 43% of agency executives surveyed report their ability to follow good media management practices as either unsatisfactory or entirely unsatisfactory.

For a business to gain a real competitive advantage, media management has to play a central part. Without it, even the most thought-provoking creative or targeted messaging is at risk of going to waste. Susy Pyzer-Knapp, an ID Comms consultant, says it best: “Unless media capabilities are raised, it will remain difficult for media to be seen as a key lever for growth.”


Read the source article on Media Post.

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