3 Steps for Using Data to Crack Customer-centricity

By Sofia Arango | May 23, 2019 8:00:00 AM | Tech and Data Analytics | 0 Comments

In recent years, marketers have moved from famine to feast in terms of data availability, and while information being emitted by washing machines, wrist accessories and everything in between yields exciting opportunity, many marketers are finding the abundance of data to be paralyzing. However, using your data to understand and leverage your customer’s intent is simplified through these three stages:

1. Connect your customer channels.

Many marketers describe their approach as "omnichannel", when in reality it is generally a multichannel process at best. It is critical that your approach represents all customer channels, both online and offline, to understand customer journeys and intent.

2. Connect your performance and customer analytics.

Performance and customer analysis are the two main sources of insight for marketers—yet we often struggle to combine them. With performance analysis representing behavior but falling short in channels and identification, and customer analysis fostering our understanding of customers but falling short on explaining their behavior, it's necessary to join the two at scale and across all channels to understand which prospects have done what, and when.

3. Understand journeys across time.

Once you’ve connected your channels and analysis, there’s one more hurdle to achieving customer-centricity: understanding journeys over time, not by campaign. By doing so, your team will avoid misreading customers' intentions and fuel more personalized experiences.

Red House has a proven history of helping B2B and healthcare giants crack customer-centricity and make the most out of their data.


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