3 Surprisingly Common MarTech Pitfalls to Avoid

By Sofia Arango | May 9, 2019 8:02:00 AM | Tech and Data Analytics | 0 Comments

While marketing technology’s impact is on the rise, it’s important to keep in mind some fatal flaws that could sabotage your ROI.

 1. Personalizing content based on superficial details. Marketing automation technology has changed the way consumers expect to be communicated with and encouraged businesses to adopt a more personalized approach. The problem? Almost everyone adopted the same approach, and now, your emails don’t stand out. With prospects seeing the same email formula, like “Hi [firstname,fallback=there],” all over their inbox, they’re not going to recognize your efforts. True personalization doesn’t lie in the header of the email, or the subject line, it lies in everything else—from the message, to the offers they’re receiving, to the actual content—all based on the actions they have or have not taken.

2. Setting triggers that are too generic. The mark is often missed on triggers due to the focus on formal conversions instead of thinking through the micro-conversions your prospects are taking. And while it is important to take conversions into account when building your strategy, focusing solely on them misses the realization that the vast majority of people are not going to buy your product— making it crucial to dig deeper.

3. Not understanding your database math. The math behind sales and marketing, when broken down, is fairly simple. However, without fully understanding how your database works, it becomes easier to blame the marketing automation tool instead of facing the numbers. It all boils down to campaigns stagnating over time as contact engagement diminishes in value, so maintaining the momentum of constantly filling the pipeline with new prospects and continually driving new, qualified people to the top is key.

 As you can imagine, this is a lot of extra work. Let Red House help you build a strategy that avoids these common pitfalls, while going the extra mile to ensure your business comes out on top.


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