Measuring the Right Things in B2B Content Marketing

By Red House | Jan 11, 2019 9:32:00 AM | Content and Creative | 0 Comments

Content marketing has historically been difficult to measure. So it's no surprise that in a recent article from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), they ask whether content marketers are measuring the right things when it comes to gauging effectiveness.

After judging the 2018 Content Marketing Awards, the author notes that she was interested to see how entrants reported their success metrics. She says, “I was beyond disappointed to see many entries relying on the same ubiquitous metrics everyone touts, regardless of the nature of the content or the business goals it’s meant to achieve.”

While marketers have tons of metrics to gauge performance, it really comes down to measuring and reporting the right things that all tie back to business goals and types of content created. Because, according to CMI, the entire purpose of content marketing is “to drive profitable customer action.”

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