7 Steps to B2B Content Marketing Success

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A new year brings new opportunities for a different perspective and a fresh approach. With the prevalence and maturity of content marketing, savvy B2B marketers well-recognize that a compelling content strategy is the cornerstone to any results-driven marketing program. However, according to the research, it seems many organizations lack a clear well thought out plan.

If your organization hasn’t yet documented its content strategy to support your sales and marketing efforts, then 2019 is the year to make that happen.


Documented Strategies Improve Success

According to the 2019 B2B Content Marketing Report by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), whether an organization has a documented content marketing strategy often indicates the level of success they are able to achieve. The research points out that 65% of successful marketers have a documented strategy, compared to only 14% for those who don’t consider themselves to be successful.

In the same report, B2B marketers also note that the top benefits of a documented content marketing strategy are that it makes it easier to know what types of content to develop, and it aligns the entire team around a common mission and goals for content creation.


It’s Time to Rev Your Content Engine

When it comes to creating and deploying a content marketing strategy, there is so much at stake… and so much to gain. From building brand trust and awareness to leading the buyers’ journey and increasing credibility, compelling content can be the engine that powers your strategy in 2019. And in an age where anyone can be a publisher, its more crucial than ever before that B2B brands embrace and understand the importance of compelling, strategic content to grow their business.

To help you kick start your content marketing goals for 2019, we’re sharing – in partnership with CMI – our proven seven-step methodology for creating an effective results-driven strategy that takes you through every major point of consideration. From uncovering consumption habits and buying stage alignment to distribution and program measurement, we’ll get down to business and guide you through the most important steps of your content marketing journey.


Businesswoman smiling holding tabletTo learn more about our approach and grab your copy of the B2B Content Marketing SmartGuide, visit contentmarketinginstitute.com.

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