Gated B2B Content in 2019: Is it Still Important?

By Red House | Feb 19, 2019 7:00:00 AM | Content and Creative | 0 Comments

Often debated, gated B2B content is critical to a successful digital marketing strategy. According to a recent article on Chief Marketer, today’s audiences are on to us as marketers, we have to provide value for what they’re exchanging their information for.


Prospects know when there's a form in front of a content offer that their email in going into a database, so there is an exchange for the offer's value. “This value is the opt-in and their email is the currency,” says Pamela Muldoon. “This initial content offer is also a promise, a promise of the level of value they can expect to receive from you as members of your database.”


The article suggests some questions to ask before you consider gating your content:

• What does my persona need to know at this stage of the customer journey to take action right now?

• What is a problem my persona is having that I can provide the solution for in the form of content?

• Is this solution valuable enough to ask for a value exchange and receive it?


Read the full article on Chief Marketer.

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