Improve Quality of B2B Lead Generation with Enterprise Personas

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Looking for higher quality and quantity of leads? One way to accomplish this is to have a better understanding of organizational-level considerations that drive B2B buying decisions.

While most marketers have individual buyer personas clearly defined, many lack enterprise personas that detail the characteristics of their target organizations. Because buying decisions in the B2B space are increasingly committee-based – rather than individual – the importance of enterprise personas has never been more apparent.

So how are enterprise personas different from traditional buyer personas? They specifically focus on the impact of your organization’s value proposition on the target enterprise’s strategic objectives – rather than individual stakeholder goals.

 Here are six components for defining enterprise personas:

• Business model: How an organization operates – pricing, ecosystem and transaction volume.

• Business situation: Elements that drive change, including profitability, growth, initiatives, acquisitions, regulatory changes, etc.

• Firm basics: The most basic level of understanding an organization – size, location, structure and industry.

• Psychographic: Values, motivations and goals behind decisions – how organizations think and feel about purchases.

• Resources: Resource considerations – talent, staff, time, technology, etc.

 When developing enterprise personas, focus on the needs of customers – and the needs of their business – to derive the most value and generate sales-ready leads.

 Do you have an arsenal of personas at your disposal? At Red House, we believe effective personas, whether enterprise-level or for individual buyers, are foundational to reaching and understanding customers in a way that will drive marketing strategy, messaging and, ultimately, results.


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