The Full-Service Agency: More Valuable than Ever

By Red House | May 7, 2019 8:00:00 AM | Content and Creative | 0 Comments

Recently, a resurgence in “rebundling,” or reversing the now prevalent multiple-agency model, has been top of discussion. And for good reason.

Over time, media and creative agencies collaborated far less with each other compared to full-service creative and media departments. And once you add the obvious drawback of the extra time required to deal with multiple agencies – especially as the number of shops on their lists expanded as a result of ultra-specialized agencies – the disparate way to manage it all became just that. Fragmented and unaligned, with each agency competing for a piece of the client’s budget.

Add on another layer of data analytics management across all agencies and channels, and marketers have actually found themselves, in some cases, needing to hire another shop to manage data and analytics.

 This is perhaps why marketers are beginning to see the revival of the traditional full-service agency model – where “big idea” creative solutions are aligned with media solutions, and data and analytics encompass every effort.

 At Red House, we believe in the power of the full-service model. Some of the biggest benefits of working with a full-service agency are:

• Holistic view: A single agency is able to survey all channels – and data – to make the most informed decisions.

• Streamlined and efficient: There are fewer meetings, emails to send and account managers to keep up with.

• Consistency: Working with a full-service agency allows for clients to maintain more consistency in messaging.

The traditional full-service model has worked for more than 100 years – generating great work and revenue for clients served. With the full-service model, you get a talented group of people who work together, rather than a group of companies that barely talk to each other, much less collaborate.

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