The Challenge Of Marketing A "Boring" B2B Product

By Red House | May 20, 2019 8:00:00 AM | Strategy and Trends | 0 Comments

B2B products may not be as flashy as B2C products and may skew towards the technical and overly complicated side of things, but many of them are far from boring—especially to the people who matter most: the buyers.

Our approach to marketing these products is to widen the range of targets. The B2B sales cycle includes many decision makers, often at different levels and from different departments, and it may not be feasible to target a specific role and expect success. Instead, unique but consistent messaging should be developed to speak to the audience, from department managers up to CEOs. At Red House, we’ve developed a thorough system of research and testing to create messaging that speaks to your precise audiences and differentiates you from competitors. Learn more about our research services here.

Another important aspect of marketing B2B products is to keep in mind that image matters. Having a complex product does not excuse poorly produced webinars, UX-unfriendly websites or sales sheets featuring outdated designs. One of our favorite ways to bring products to life is through infographics. When done properly, infographics are both engaging and visually appealing, breaking down complex data points into manageable pieces.

While B2B marketing comes with challenges, it is critical to not limit the great work and creativity your products deserve.


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