Tips to Make B2B Videos that Convert

By Red House | Apr 3, 2019 7:00:00 AM | Digital B2B | 0 Comments

B2B buyers have begun to look like consumers when it comes to how they view videos:

  • According to Google, 70 percent of B2B customers watch videos on their path to purchase.
  • The Content Marketing Institute reports that in 2015, 76 percent of companies said they used some form of B2B video.
  • LinkedIn's 2017 decision to allow video uploads to its news feed was another boon for video as a B2B marketing tool.

While they are becoming more like consumers, there are still some key differences. Below are those key B2B perspectives to take note of:

  • Prospects need something that they can show to their boss: Buyers want to see outcomes instead of hypotheticals to be able to bring their decisions to the table.
  • Case studies provide social proof: 84 percent of B2B decision makers start with referrals.
  • Video case studies are shareable: LinkedIn estimates that three out of four buyers discuss upcoming purchases via social media.
  • Video conveys emotion: B2B buyers are typically seen as more rational than the consumer. But Gerald Zaltman, a Harvard Business School professor, says 95 percent of purchase decisions take place unconsciously. Try to mix some emotion into your video to appeal to that side of your audience.



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