Strategies for High-Performing LinkedIn Video Content

By Red House | Feb 6, 2019 9:03:07 AM | Digital B2B

Video has become a high-performing marketing strategy within the B2B space. According to SocialMediaToday, LinkedIn has discovered that video generates some 20x more shares than other types of content on its platform. Understanding what types of videos and templates work best can boost your reach, client interaction and conversions.

8 Throwback Marketing Techniques for a Better Customer Experience

By Red House | Jan 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM | Digital B2B

Customer experience should be a major consideration when creating your marketing plan this year. Clients have more access to resources than ever to use for comparing benefits, costs, and features. Here are some of the techniques that stood out to us as great methods to improve customer experience and set your business above the rest:

6 Useful Metrics to Measure Your B2B Social Media Marketing Campaigns

By Red House | Jan 17, 2019 9:05:00 AM | Digital B2B, Tech and Data Analytics

Long gone are the days when social media was thought of as a fad. Most B2B businesses now need to have a strong social presence that's integrated into their lead generation and nurturing programs.

Many businesses still struggle with social media marketing, in large part because they think it's difficult to measure. But, it's not. Here are some ways you can measure the success of your social media marketing campaigns:

  1. Likes, reactions and shares
  2. Follower growth
  3. Social media mentions
  4. Click rates
  5. Referral traffic
  6. Reach

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7 Tips for Your Google My Business Categories

By Red House | Jan 16, 2019 9:05:00 AM | Digital B2B

Google My Business can be a pivotal part of setting up a successful location-based business and boosting your search-ability. For B2B companies, being able to distinguish between company locations and similar consumer terms in search is paramount. The categories you choose and how well you stay up-to-date with them will be key to successful use of Google My Business, or any location-based search.

The Implications of ABM Personalization

By Red House | Jan 7, 2019 1:30:03 PM | Digital B2B

Personalization takes deep understanding of your ideal customer and customer journey. Take the necessary time to research and lay the foundation upfront to create a successful ABM campaign.

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